Saturday, July 25, 2009

My first post!

Hey everyone!!=] This is my first blog post, and Im showing some stuff I picked up at Kohls and I didn't want to do a video on it.

This first picture is of Flirt! Dreamy Eyes eyeshadow in Golden Lady.
It is GORGEOUS, I think its my favorite eyeshadow now. It was 12$, and unfortanetly they don't sell online, but Kohls is a pretty common store. It's a bronzy brown color with golden shimmers.

Flirt! Peek-a-Blush sheer powder cheek color in Oh Please!
Gorgeous reddish brown with some orange in it, a little shimmery but not too bad, Very good contouring color, also 12$.

Chicksticks in Angel 01
I'm obsessed with nude lipsticks or white lipsticks, and I saw this in a video and wen't to Kohls just for this lipstick, it is a little shiny but it can be worked over Myth by MAC, or any matte. The color payoff is pretty good, also 12$.

Left to right
Angel lipstick, Oh Please blush, Golden Lady Eyeshadow