Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Makeupforever HD Microfinish Powder Review

Hey there, I'm going to be doing a review on Makeupforevers HD Microfinish HD powder, which I was dying for and bought in a blog sale.

There is .035 oz in here, they say if you use it regularly and how your suppose to it will last six months. It is completely colorless, there is no pigmentation in it whatsoever. I know the first thing you think is.."Its white." It is completely translucent. It is perfect for all skintones, and it is 100% mineral silica powder.

I use it over my Studio Fix Fluid NC20. It softens the appearance and blurs out the skin to make it look flawless. It does not dry the skin, because there is no talc in it, and is formulated with 100% silica. They have a HD foundation which goes with the powder, and I plan on trying that and doing a review for you ladies. They have a primer as well which I have tried, and it didnt do anything amazing for me at the time but I'm sure it works amazing with the whole set. I use Spackle by Laura Geller underneath.

I use my Mac 182, which runs for 45 dollars from their website. There is a Hd Kabuki brush that Makeupforever made for the Hd powder, and powder products, which is 35 dollars. I havent tried it, but I'm thinking it would get the same effect as the 182, or any kabuki brush.

So over all, my first experience with Makeupforevers Hd products was a amazing one, this is my staple for now, I use it instead of my Studio Fix pressed powder because it looks way more flawless, and smooth. I found my Studio Fix could be a little blotchy at times.

You can get Makeupforever Hd products here- www.Sephora.com
You can get the Mac brush, and foundation here- www.Maccosmetics.com

Hope you enjoyed!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Barry M Lipsticks

Hey dolls, sorry I haven't kept up with my blog lately, but I'm def going to start trying harder!
SO, everyone loves loves BarryM, right? Well I haven't tried anything but their lipsticks, but the lipsticks I LOVE. They aren't sold in the United States, but you can order from their website. The lipsticks themself are not that expensive, but with shipping, for one lipstick is around 20 USD. The best advice, is to either buy one from someone who has one in the United States, or swap for one on Makeup Alley.

The first one, my FAVORITE is Marshellow 101, It is a creamy white, and the formula feels more like a matte or satin. Alot of people say it is very drying to them, and if your all worried about your lips being dry, its not for you. Me, on the other hand, it doesn't affect me any, or bother me. You should still definately use a lip scrub and chapstick before hand. It is a pretty extreme white, so on darker skin tones it might look a little scar. On me, since winter is coming around, its starting to work perfect since Im not as tan.
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This next one is Baby Pink 101, the texture is just like Marshmellow, In my opinion it resembles Saint Germain, the only difference is Baby Pink is a little lighter. It is cute for a nude pink lip. It is a little bright, but I LOVE it. It's such a Barbie doll pink.
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This one is Palest Lavender 129, alot of people adore this one because the finish feels more like a glaze or a creemsheen. It is like the name, a pretty pale purple, and I like putting it over Snob from MAC for a more pinky purple. It is shiny, and nothing at all like Marshmellow and Baby Pink.
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Basically, if you can get your hands on these three, definately get them!
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Swatches of Marshmellow 101, Palest Lavender 129, Baby Pink 100.
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Sunday, August 16, 2009


HEY EVERYBODYYYY:)I said I didn't know if I would get around to this but I decided I needed to make time! I know when I'm thinking about purchasing something I wan't to see swatches and pictures. I hope this helps you! <3

Lorac Babydoll lipstick
LOVE ITTTTT! It might be a little more pink then the picture, but it's gorgeous.

Nars blush in the ever so famous "Orgasm"
It's peachy, and at first I was doubtful, my instinct was to go for something light pink or magents, but on it looks great! I recommend this for tan skintones!

Urban Decay eyeshadow in BAKED
LOVE this eyeshadow, its a goldy color, and its shimmery. Good color payoff. I'm a brown eyeshadow fanatic, so this is amazing for a pop of shine.

Urban Decay eyeshadow in MIDNIGHT COWBOY RIDES AGAIN
It's a light beige color, it has a lot of sparkle and it seems like the shadow falls off too quickly, but over all its very pretty highlight.

Left to right:
Babydoll lipstick, Midnight Cowboy Rides Again eyeshadow, Baked eyeshadow

Saint Germain, It's freaking adorable amazing fabulous BARBIE pink. Go get this, now. It's fabulous X10. Its not that shiny which I adore. HUGE! LOVE IT.

Snob, something I never would've thought I liked, always thought it was too dark, but now I LOVE IT. It is a little darker in person, I edited it the best I could, but the flash mutes it a little. It is purply pink, and dont let the darkness scare you, it doesn't go on as dark as you would think.

Colour Crafted, beautiful pink color, also Barbieish. Which you ALL know I adore, :) The glitter chucks arent a problem!

Hue, one of my favorites, I'm not a huge fan of glazes, but this one is nice, its a pinky nude color. amazing.

From left to right:
Saint Germain ,Snob ,Colour Crafted ,Hue , and Please Me

Chocolate brown and Naked pigment.

Chocolate brown on left, Naked on right

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Abercrombie, Victorias Secret, Target.

Victorias Secret lipstick in 'Femme'
It is a little darker in person and a little darker than my skin tone which is pretty dark. It is a good pale nude lip for darker skin tones.

my FAVORITE thing I bought. I love the hot pink lettering. This one is a small, they were out of extra small. but I still love it.

Light brown with yellow. V neck, extra small
If worn with out undershirt it gives a boost of cleavage

Long sleeve gray shirt from Abercrombie and Fitch size extra small, it looks sortve like a boys shirt but on with short jean shorts its fabulous, =]

Hair Supply from Soap and Glory havent used it yet, but will update blog when I find out if I like or not.

The Righteous Butter from Soap and Glory
I love the jar container, for some reason I always have. :) The smell is really nice, I can't really put my finger on it, but it is just a perfumy smell. When I get it out, it feels like butter on my fingers, and after I put it on, my skin smells strongly of it, I love itttt. =] It also makes my skin very soft. Mine was 12 dollars.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

My first post!

Hey everyone!!=] This is my first blog post, and Im showing some stuff I picked up at Kohls and I didn't want to do a video on it.

This first picture is of Flirt! Dreamy Eyes eyeshadow in Golden Lady.
It is GORGEOUS, I think its my favorite eyeshadow now. It was 12$, and unfortanetly they don't sell online, but Kohls is a pretty common store. It's a bronzy brown color with golden shimmers.

Flirt! Peek-a-Blush sheer powder cheek color in Oh Please!
Gorgeous reddish brown with some orange in it, a little shimmery but not too bad, Very good contouring color, also 12$.

Chicksticks in Angel 01
I'm obsessed with nude lipsticks or white lipsticks, and I saw this in a video and wen't to Kohls just for this lipstick, it is a little shiny but it can be worked over Myth by MAC, or any matte. The color payoff is pretty good, also 12$.

Left to right
Angel lipstick, Oh Please blush, Golden Lady Eyeshadow