Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Makeupforever HD Microfinish Powder Review

Hey there, I'm going to be doing a review on Makeupforevers HD Microfinish HD powder, which I was dying for and bought in a blog sale.

There is .035 oz in here, they say if you use it regularly and how your suppose to it will last six months. It is completely colorless, there is no pigmentation in it whatsoever. I know the first thing you think is.."Its white." It is completely translucent. It is perfect for all skintones, and it is 100% mineral silica powder.

I use it over my Studio Fix Fluid NC20. It softens the appearance and blurs out the skin to make it look flawless. It does not dry the skin, because there is no talc in it, and is formulated with 100% silica. They have a HD foundation which goes with the powder, and I plan on trying that and doing a review for you ladies. They have a primer as well which I have tried, and it didnt do anything amazing for me at the time but I'm sure it works amazing with the whole set. I use Spackle by Laura Geller underneath.

I use my Mac 182, which runs for 45 dollars from their website. There is a Hd Kabuki brush that Makeupforever made for the Hd powder, and powder products, which is 35 dollars. I havent tried it, but I'm thinking it would get the same effect as the 182, or any kabuki brush.

So over all, my first experience with Makeupforevers Hd products was a amazing one, this is my staple for now, I use it instead of my Studio Fix pressed powder because it looks way more flawless, and smooth. I found my Studio Fix could be a little blotchy at times.

You can get Makeupforever Hd products here- www.Sephora.com
You can get the Mac brush, and foundation here- www.Maccosmetics.com

Hope you enjoyed!


  1. hey sweetie, id love to see a picture of your skin with this powder on. its sounds fab x

  2. hiii :) could you put up a friend connect or subcription to this blog link so i can follow it :)