Thursday, September 24, 2009

Barry M Lipsticks

Hey dolls, sorry I haven't kept up with my blog lately, but I'm def going to start trying harder!
SO, everyone loves loves BarryM, right? Well I haven't tried anything but their lipsticks, but the lipsticks I LOVE. They aren't sold in the United States, but you can order from their website. The lipsticks themself are not that expensive, but with shipping, for one lipstick is around 20 USD. The best advice, is to either buy one from someone who has one in the United States, or swap for one on Makeup Alley.

The first one, my FAVORITE is Marshellow 101, It is a creamy white, and the formula feels more like a matte or satin. Alot of people say it is very drying to them, and if your all worried about your lips being dry, its not for you. Me, on the other hand, it doesn't affect me any, or bother me. You should still definately use a lip scrub and chapstick before hand. It is a pretty extreme white, so on darker skin tones it might look a little scar. On me, since winter is coming around, its starting to work perfect since Im not as tan.
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This next one is Baby Pink 101, the texture is just like Marshmellow, In my opinion it resembles Saint Germain, the only difference is Baby Pink is a little lighter. It is cute for a nude pink lip. It is a little bright, but I LOVE it. It's such a Barbie doll pink.
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This one is Palest Lavender 129, alot of people adore this one because the finish feels more like a glaze or a creemsheen. It is like the name, a pretty pale purple, and I like putting it over Snob from MAC for a more pinky purple. It is shiny, and nothing at all like Marshmellow and Baby Pink.
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Basically, if you can get your hands on these three, definately get them!
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Swatches of Marshmellow 101, Palest Lavender 129, Baby Pink 100.
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  1. thanks for the swatches!
    i love Marshellow 101 :)
    looks really pretty,
    as well as the Baby Pink 101.
    always have been a sucker for pink :)
    but ive never been brave enough for the purple/lavender.